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Urban Ground District
Subj: Urban Ground Resort & Residence AMENDED Proposal
Dear Village Resorts Hospitality Group, LLC,
On June 21, 2022, Urban Ground Resort, LLC, submitted to Village Resorts Hospitality Group, LLC, an amended proposal to amend the Urban Ground District proposal dated March 8, 2022.
Urban Ground Resort & Residence is a dual purpose, commercial resort and private residence, wholly owned, “privately owned” property by Urban Ground Resort, LLC, that operates year round as a commercial gay resort and private residence established to promote recreation, tourism, working, lodging, and housing accommodations within the gay demographic.
Urban Ground Resort & Residence functions as a multiple use land use property surrounded by a perimeter/boundary wall, situated on an estimated 1000 +/- acres of land seeking to blend, develop, and construct new residential and commercial land uses in a non-existing area of the proposed southern California region in hopes of creating a new recreational and tourist area of the proposed property establishing Urban Ground Resort & Residence within its own geographical location.
Urban Ground Residence while situated on the property of Urban Ground Resort & Residence is “separate from” Urban Ground Resort and is a privately owned residence aimed at a gay male URBAN demographic first, with the intent on creating new and unique residential experiences. While Urban Ground Resort, LLC, does not discriminate, at our sole discretion the residence may be open to the broader gay community, however, Urban Ground Resort, LLC, primary focus is the gay male urban demographic first.
While Urban Ground Residence may be modeled after a public town, county, or city, Urban Ground Residence is a privately owned residence that maintains no infrastructure for schools, churches, or political activities and any unauthorized events, speeches, or use of any flag, banner, or sign or other material for any religious, commercial, historical, demonstration, or social movement purposes are expressly forbidden on Urban Ground Resort & Residence property. Urban Ground Residence is also designated as a “gun free” zone as we prohibit the carrying of firearms while on resort and/or residential property. Our desire to limit the carrying and transporting of any firearm are in line with our intent on curating an environment free of fear and oppression and is both legal and binding. Urban Ground Residence is a life, style, and destination with distinct living districts and neighborhoods offering luxury apartment homes, townhomes, and modern homes with all of life’s everyday amenities.
Urban Ground Resort, LLC, now proposes the following intent and permitted usage for Urban Ground Resort & Residence as a non-exhaustive list in addition to Urban Ground Resort, LLC, proposal dated March 8, 2022.
Minimum Development Standards
Urban Ground Resort & Residence
Subdivision name: Urban Ground Residence
  •  Location: Urban Ground Resort & Residence
  •  Urban Ground Residence is divided into zones: 6
  •  Scale: 184.4 hectares / 455.66 Acres
  •  Scale: 50 blocks of high-class apartment homes, two highrise towers, semi and detached townhomes,   modern home communities and gated mansions
  •  Number of floors: 15 – 25 floors
  •  Total number of Urban Ground Residence apartments: 34,000 units
  •  Total number of Urban Ground Residence semi and detached townhomes: 100 units with set aside land   for 150 additional units
  •  Total number of Urban Ground Residence modern home communities: 200 units with set aside land for   200 additional units
  •  Total number of Urban Ground Residence mansions: 12
  •  Apartment area: 50 – 140m2
  •  Apartment design: 1-2-3 bedrooms
Urban Ground Resort, LLC, submits to Village Resorts Hospitality Group, LLC, it’s latest AMENDED proposal in its offerings and amenities to include our minimum development standards for Urban Ground Resort & Residence.
This Memorandum were originally signed by Oliver B. Mitchell III, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Village Resorts Hospitality Group, LLC, on December 5, 2022, and refers to his signature that has not been mechanically or electronically reproduced.
Should you have any additional comments, questions or concerns please contact Urban Ground Resort, LLC, at oliver@urbangroundla.com or directly at the address above.
From time to time, at our sole discretion Urban Ground Resort, LLC, reserves the right to implement, modify, cancel, or change any Agreement as necessary and this Agreement and Memorandum contains the final and entire Agreement and understanding between the Parties and is the complete and exclusive statement of its terms. This Agreement and Memorandum supersedes all prior Proposals, Agreements, Memorandums, and understandings, whether oral or written, in connection therewith.
Urban Ground Resort & Residence owned and operated by Urban Ground Resort, LLC, is a Village Resorts Hospitality Group, LLC, property. All rights reserved. All images and concepts are the property of Urban Ground Resort, LLC, and Village Resorts Hospitality Group, LLC, and are subject to copyright.