Urban Ground Resort & Residence


Updated October 25, 2023
Developed by Village Resorts Hospitality Group, LLC, Urban Ground Resort & Residence first began as Urban Ground Bar & Grill, and the idea for Urban Ground Bar & Grill, were to fill a void in the Los Angeles urban gay demographic.
A counterpart or competitor to Urban Ground Bar & Grill is Hamburger Mary’s, a pre-existing LGBT friendly bar and grill with locations around the Country, and while Hamburger Mary’s is open to all, they also cater to a different clientele, thus our idea for Urban Ground Bar & Grill as an alternative and first choice destination for gay black men and the urban gay community.
Beginning sometime in 2012 many of the Los Angeles area gay establishments that catered to black gay men and the urban gay experience were closed for various reasons and as of this date, to our knowledge, there remains no major dedicated or regional space like Urban Ground Bar & Grill now Urban Ground Resort & Residence.
While Urban Ground Bar & Grill may have begun as a premier dining and entertainment destination for the black gay and urban gay community, we have now grown into the ultimate gay experience.
Urban Ground Resort & Residence is a luxurious Vegas styled gay resort and private gay residence open to guest 18 years of age and older to experience the amenities, services, and attractions of a premier resort destination featuring premium showcase events, live entertainment, a shopping promenade, an entertainment district, a man-made beach, a Cineplex, a Redlight district, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, resorts, and more. Plus a private gay residential community for up to 46k residents and more, making us a premier gay destination.
While Urban Ground Resort & Residence may be a gay resort and private gay residence, based on our intent and purpose, aimed at gay black men first, Urban Ground Resort functions as a commercial gay resort open to the broader gay community at our sole discretion as we are a gay established establishment.
Urban Ground Resort & Residence has been developed as the first of its kind aimed at the gay black male demographic first because homophobia, stigma, and discrimination can be especially hard for black men who are gay and bisexual who maintain relationships with men and have sex with men, and these negative attitudes can increase their chance of experiencing violence which can include behaviors such as bullying, teasing, harassment, physical assault, and suicide-related behaviors and our primary purpose is to lessen the effects of homophobia, stigma, and discrimination by curating an environment free of fear and oppression against gay black men as a matter of both religious and historical discrimination against gay black men exists while encouraging the protection of their physical, sexual, and mental health.
While Urban Ground Resort is traditionally, by structure, a gay men’s resort, at our sole discretion Urban Ground Resort will be made available to the “broader” LGBTQ community as we are a gay established establishment. However, Urban Ground Resort, LLC, is under no legal obligation to offer its services to any category outside our targeted market and demographic audience and Urban Ground Resort does not discriminate, and discrimination will not be tolerated and we are under no "legal obligation" to tailor or alter the experience’s or operations of Urban Ground Resort & Residence for the purpose of any social, political, or religious agenda or any other purpose thereof. Our targeted and market audience simply remains that of gay black men first while warmly welcoming all others to experience both Urban Ground Resort and Urban Ground Residence.
From time to time at our sole discretion Urban Ground Resort, LLC, may limit, restrict, deny, or expand its products, goods, and services to any one person, group, or entity based on the type of products, goods, or services in question at the time of limitation, restriction, denial, expansion, amendment or modification in our sole and absolute discretion.
We reserve all rights in our sole and absolute discretion.


Chief Executive Officer
Meet our CEO, Oliver B. Mitchell III, who is responsible for running all facets of the business with well over 30 years in corporate retail, government, and entertainment industry experience.