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JANUARY 2, 2023
An important read behind the intent, purpose and future of Urban Ground Resort & Residence.
As a courtesy information being provided by Village Resorts Hospitality Group, LLC, is “as is” and without any representation or warranty of any kind, either express or implied, regarding the accuracy or completeness or other quality of the information provided and as a brief preview to the townhall meeting scheduled for Urban Ground Resort & Residence.
As Founder and CEO of Urban Ground Resort, LLC, what I have and continue to go through is deception on all levels. This is not 1875 when a Republican by the name of Charles Sumner of Massachusetts introduced the Civil Rights Act in 1870 as an amendment to a general amnesty bill for former Confederates. The bill guaranteed all citizens, regardless of color, access to accommodations, theatres, public schools, churches, and cemeteries.
This is not 1920 and the gays vs the LGBT now LGBTQ'S when The Society for Human Rights was established in Chicago in 1924. The non-profit organization, on December 24, 1924, was granted an official Charter from the State of Illinois. According to The Legacy Project, that is what makes it “the oldest documented homosexual organization in the nation” (The Legacy Project).
It's noted while both the government and public/private sector celebrate Henry Gerber as the pioneer for the LGBTQ it's noted in his own words "Gerber and Graves" Graves being an African American clergyman named John T. Graves who signed on as President of the organization "decided to limit Society membership to gay men and exclude bisexuals."
This isn’t 1954 when the Civil Rights movement courtesy of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bayard Rustin was a nonviolent social and political movement and campaign from 1954 to 1968 in the United States to abolish legalized institutional racial segregation, discrimination, and disenfranchisement throughout the United States.
This is not 1976 when California was seen as one of the most liberal states in the U.S. in regard to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights, which received nationwide recognition since the 1970s. Same-sex sexual activity has been legal in the state since 1976. Discrimination protections regarding sexual orientation and gender identity or expression were adopted statewide in 2003.
This is not 1977 when lesbians were less of a concern and threat to the government and public/private sector when men "were the object of legal persecution."
We are currently in the year of 2023 after years of debate, persecution, social, class, and religious warfare over the right and life of both straight and gay black men. Even so straight black men despite the many obstacles some may face pale in comparison to the many obstacles many gay black men still face and as I have said before I make no apology for my upbringing as a gay black man.
My statements remain regardless of any blunt force honesty. When you look at the history of gays it is and always have been gay black men that end up behind the eight ball for a broader community at the demise of gay black men. Even men of color are elevated over gay black men as black men in general are seen as a trophy (chattel) and to affix the label of gay or homosexual to gay or straight black men is to weaken the stereotype of a chattel black man whether he is gay or straight.
In the timeline of the gay world and its history during the Ancient Times cultures such as the Indians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans accommodate homosexuality and crossdressing among a minority of its citizens since the earliest recorded times when the castration of homosexual slaves and house servants became a custom of the Middle East, and the Jewish tribes began to criminalize homosexual behavior.
AD comes after BC and yet before both AD and BC homosexual behavior were already found being depicted between gay Africans in Zimbabwe, Africa.
In other words what the world portrays as hate to include other Africans and African Americans against gay black men actually began with those we loosely define, treat, and categorize as chattel slaves - a trophy of a black man.
If you closely examine the timeline of the world and gay people you'll see the following:
  • During the Dark Ages “with the advent of Christianity, homosexuality and crossdressing are criminalized in the Roman Empire but remain widely accepted throughout the rest of the world. Western Europe resists the Middle Eastern practice of male castration.”
  • During the Middle Ages “with the growth of Christianity and the advent of Islam, the criminalization of homosexuality and crossdressing spreads across Eurasia and into Africa. Although driven underground, the practice itself remains widespread and in most cases silently tolerated within the shadows of society. The Middle Eastern custom of castrating homosexual slaves and house servants becomes commonplace in the East Roman Empire (Byzantium) and is introduced into northern China and India. Oblivious to the outside world, American and South Sea natives maintain their traditional acceptance of homosexual behavior and crossdressing.”
  • During the Early Modern Age “Christian Europe wages its greatest assault upon homosexuality to date while the practice remains silently tolerated in the Muslim world. Expeditions into sub-Saharan Africa, the New World and the South Seas reveal an astonishing acceptance of homosexuality and crossdressing among the indigenous people there. France becomes the first Christian nation to repeal its sodomy laws.”
  • During the Nineteenth Century “France, Holland, Spain and Portugal repeal their sodomy laws along with those of their colonies while Great Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia manage only to reduce their penalties from death by hanging to long prison sentences. Britain’s harsh sodomy laws are implanted into all of its many important colonies around the world. The Islamic world maintains a mostly silent tolerance of homosexuality and the practice of male castration dissipates in unison with the global slave market. Germans usher in the world’s very first homosexual rights movement.
  • During the Twentieth Century “the English-speaking world begins repealing its sodomy laws en masse and the modern gay rights movement is born in the United States. Islamic countries begin to modernize but fall back into anti-gay religious fundamentalism. Asian countries maintain a mostly silent tolerance of homosexuality while Western Europe begins offering equitable marriage rights for gay couples.
  • During the Twenty-first Century “LGBTI people continue their fight for full equality under the law, culminating in the quest for equal marriage rights. Modern gay movements begin to effect change in Latin America and parts of Asia while most African, Middle Eastern and East European countries are held back by anti-gay religious fundamentalism.”
A bill to ban employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), was introduced repeatedly in Congress since 1994. Under the ENDA, it was illegal for an employer to discriminate against their employees due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Unlike the Equality Act of 1974 the main focus of ENDA was to end employment discrimination.
What is this all about?
Due to a series of complaints I filed to include whistleblowing, discrimination, and reprisal on the basEs of my Race (African American), Color (Black), Gender (Male), Sexual Orientation (Gay) and Hostile Work Environment we are now where we are as a result of the continuation of social, religious, and government politics that surround both men, women, children, and families with regards to the rights of gay men, gay women, and gay families while we discount both the beginnings and plight of gay black men as the argument began with and over gay black men.
History is self-explanatory when you examine history minus the emotional politics.
As a courtesy, this is an early preview to OUR Townhall Meeting to discuss the intent and purpose behind Urban Ground Resort & Residence as the intent is meant to correct mistakes past IN MY SOLE DISCRETION AS OWNER AND OPERATOR AS I AM UNDER NO LEGAL OBLIGATION as I work to reimagine a vibrant gay world and TO reduce the social, religious, and political politics on the grounds of both Urban Ground Resort and Urban Ground Residence.
If others can’t respect me as a gay black man behind Urban Ground Resort & Residence I find it difficult to believe that respect for any gay black man on the grounds of Urban Ground Resort & Residence would be adhered to as the world continues its own debate as to who was gay first and should have more privileges as to who was gay first and who’s more accepted as being gay.
Gay or straight if you look at the worlds history it’s nothing more than a fight over race, gender, and life as the world itself uses categories to justify its right to fight over race, gender, and life.
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AS PROVIDED, A courtesy timeline pertaining to OUR Townhall Meeting to discuss the intent and purpose behind Urban Ground Resort & Residence.